Savarez 500Crj Corum Cristal Classic …

Savarez 500Crj Corum Cristal Classic Guitar StringsSavarez 500Crj Corum Cristal Classic Guitar Strings
Thanks to the specific characteristics of Savarez strings, it is possible to mix and combine the easy playing and brightness of the standard tension Cristal Red nylon trebles with the advantages and high flexibility of the high tension Blue Corum basses, resulting in an improved balance between the strings and the instrument for more performances.Trebles:Cristal Red treblesNormal tensionUnpolished clear nylonPerfectly balanced with Corum bassesClear, expressive, accurate501CR (1st string)502CR (2nd string)503CR (3rd string)Basses:Corum Blue bassesHigh tensionVery flexible strings as fast and accurate as stiff strings, rich toneGreat volume, easy playing504J (4th string)505J (5th string)506J (6th string)
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