Rotosound Roto Yellows Double Deckers …

Rotosound Roto Yellows Double Deckers 2-PackRotosound Roto Yellows Double Deckers 2-Pack
Save money on Rotosound Roto Yellows Double Decker high-quality nickel-on-steel electric guitar strings by ordering convenient Double Decker 2-packs.Rotosound guitar strings were developed in conjunction with some of the worlds top artists. Double Decker electric guitar strings deliver smooth powerful tone that lasts while other strings have long gone dead. Superb brilliance and strength make Roto’s the first choice for the professional. Rotosound follows a strict 3-point quality check code to give you consistently high-end performance from your strings of choice. The raw materials and wire are checked for tension, wire gauge and diameter surface finishThey are checked at 3 stages of the winding process by Rotosound’s Quality Assurance TeamWhile being packed EVERY string is hand checked for consistency of winding, color, feel and general qualityRH10-2E (1st): 10 (plain)B: 13 (plain)G: 17 (plain)D: 26w (wound)A: 36w (wound)E (6th): 46w (wound)
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