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Oasis Gpx+ Classical Guitar Carbon Trebles/Normal Tension Sostenuto BassesOasis Gpx+ Classical Guitar Carbon Trebles/Normal Tension Sostenuto Basses
This long-life string withstands even the most punishing playing styles, and still maintains the beautiful tone and sustain that have made GPX+ strings so popular.Now easier on the left hand, GPX+ strings have the same tension as nylon, thanks to the PVDF fluorocarbon material which is 80% denser than nylon. The brilliance of these fluorocarbon (carbon treble) strings does not rely on the typical stiff hard action of other carbon trebles. The same concert-quality sound is here, with far less effort, in Oasis GPX+ strings.For most guitars, GPX+ strings produce beautiful tone with excellent sustain. James Piorkowski**, SUNY professor and former member of the world renowned Buffalo Guitar Quartet, put it this way: „These new carbon strings by Oasis are simply wonderful! With warm tone color and plenty of sustain, my guitar is now free to sing sweetly. Thankfully, my search for the optimum string is over. Bravo, Oasis!“James Piorkowski is a professor at the Fredonia School of Music, State University of New York, serving as the head of the guitar program since 1983. In 2006, he received both the President’s Award for Excellence and the Robert W. KasliHigh-endurance properties for longer lifeLong-lasting tone and sustainLighter tension than comparable nylon strings
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