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Kerly Music Kerly Wicked Wire Nps Electric Light 9-42Kerly Music Kerly Wicked Wire Nps Electric Light 9-42
To create wicked tone, Kerly go above the norm to obtain powerful sound, solid bass response and screaming highs. They connect a tank of liquid nitrogen to a computer-controlled device and watch as the line freezes over, dropping the strings to minus 320 fahrenheit. Deep within the machine the frigid cold air meets intense heat and the fire and ice tempering process expands and contracts the strings, reducing the microcracks that cause tone loss and premature breakage. The end result is a string that will not fail you on stage or in the studio.Gauges: 9-11-16-24-32-42
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Kerly Music KXW-0942 Kerly Music, .009 Gauge Electric Guitar Strings