Dr Strings Veritas Accurate Core …

Dr Strings Veritas Accurate Core Technology Medium Electric Guitar Strings (10-46)Dr Strings Veritas Accurate Core Technology Medium Electric Guitar Strings (10-46)
Gauges 10-46.VERITAS is a completely new category of electric guitar strings, designed to combine more power with longer life. Players say VERITAS strings with Accurate Core Technology and Quantum Nickel last longer and have more power than ordinary nickel-plated strings.  Quantum Nickel is more magnetic, and therefore, more responsive and powerful than ordinary NPS 8% nickel-plated wire.Accurate Core Technology (ACT) was developed to reinforce the core wire and fill in imperfections along its entire length. Players say VERITAS strings sound louder, brighter and last longer. Their superior core wire is recognized as the foundation for tone, accuracy, and durability.“VERITAS strings last four times longer than other strings,“ says Melissa Etheridge, renowned international artist.Added Bonus: Three extra new XENON power-plain strings.Lasts up to four times longerLoud and bright, notes seem to jump off the pickExtremely stable, stays in tune surprisingly wellRobust and resonant tone, excellent sustain
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