Dr Strings Bajo Quinto Red Coated 10 …

Dr Strings Bajo Quinto Red Coated 10 StringDr Strings Bajo Quinto Red Coated 10 String
DRs Bajo Quinto is designed to sound clear, bright and musical.In order to create a very unique Bajo Quinto set, we have used two different materials which are Stainless Steel and Nickel Plated Steel with a combination core wire. .060 & .080 – Stainless Steel bass strings are round wound and constructed upon a round core with loop ends. Both of these strings will provide highly flexible and musically bright and warm strings. .026, .036, .046, .030 – strings are Nickel Plated Steel on a Hex core with loop ends. All 4 strings will compliment with the Nickel bass strings with highly warm and bright sound. *Absolutely great for Bajos equipped with a variety of pick-ups such as piezo or magnetic.
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